I didn’t want to (like everybody else) say that there is a long time thet i don’t post anything here, but actually THERE IS. So i’ll write a quick explanation about what happend in the time we were gone.

I broke up with Skandart because… when i went to Jamaica, i met the kilt guy from the 3rd year from high school that is not form the 3rd year and is from the second year (or PG), we became best friends forever and Skandart wouldn’t believe in it so he said that i had to choose, i couldn’t stay with someone who didn´t believe in me so i dumped him. he asked for forgiveness and i said it was ok, we could still be friends, and i realized that maybe he could date JM and Bribri, so i arranged a blind date for them.

PG and i got together cuz we realized that we were ment for each other( he is handsome- and cricriused to like him to but she is ok with it).

Cricri saw kilt guy and he winked at her, so she smiled and sundelly they were “kissing” (look how cool i am)

The  Bold one (pato), married clap, who is pregnant.

L. is pregnant too and is Crol’s child (she wrapped him), and that’s why he is outside brasil (in an “exchange studant program”), actually he is hidding his many months tummy.

i obviously have a lot more to write, but today i don’t have time.

expect more from me soon.


Dani (now popcorn to)