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It was a rainny day at new amsterdam and a black haired chicken walking down the streets. She was happy because she was going to a show to watch Hannah Montanna. She got there and the show was amazing. The chicken name was Clap and she was real famous, so she had a bakstage pass. clap walked through seurity and found the blond star, but she took out the wig and the heels and the make up. Hannah Montana was actually short, brown haired strage looking girl.

clap clap was paralized, the girl turned around and saw that chicken desovering all of her secrets.


kayaking baby por jensiemer.

So I tried to sell Little L. on Ebay, but people (don’t know why) got scared off when they heard about the rapping thing. Weird people, what can I do?

Anyways, L. was missing him, so I put Little L. on a Kayak and I think he got all the way over there… Won’t matter anyway (muahahahaa)

Cri and Dani decided they were gonna “swing” you know??? Not with each other, but the couples…

Dani had a great time with Dougster and  Cri loved Luke too. But after that they got a little embarassed every time they got near each other, and the pineapple was ALWAYS  “blushed”…


Crol ; )

Clap Clap was trying to cluc but she couldn’t… i mean, not everyone have this magic gift…not even all the chickens. But Dani wished that the chicken learned how to cluc (Dani and the pretty Luke were trying to have a romantic time in the giant ex-pink pineapple) and that’s when Luke said:

– Dani!! Clap is clucking!!

and that’s when we realized… the pineapple could realize wishes to!!


– Oh my ED (god)!!

Then Luke wished that Clap could fly and stop interrupting their new romantic picnic.

So it happened!

While all of that, Cricri was in Dougie’s house and they were’t doing pretty things so i’ll stop to tell, i mean, she was obviously happy! and the rest is disgusting.

Crol Flew to USA to find L and steal their baby to…after…sell in eBay.

and now she was trying to find L.

Kaka became a flower.

see ya!!



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