Clap Clap was trying to cluc but she couldn’t… i mean, not everyone have this magic gift…not even all the chickens. But Dani wished that the chicken learned how to cluc (Dani and the pretty Luke were trying to have a romantic time in the giant ex-pink pineapple) and that’s when Luke said:

– Dani!! Clap is clucking!!

and that’s when we realized… the pineapple could realize wishes to!!


– Oh my ED (god)!!

Then Luke wished that Clap could fly and stop interrupting their new romantic picnic.

So it happened!

While all of that, Cricri was in Dougie’s house and they were’t doing pretty things so i’ll stop to tell, i mean, she was obviously happy! and the rest is disgusting.

Crol Flew to USA to find L and steal their baby to…after…sell in eBay.

and now she was trying to find L.

Kaka became a flower.

see ya!!