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It was a rainny day at new amsterdam and a black haired chicken walking down the streets. She was happy because she was going to a show to watch Hannah Montanna. She got there and the show was amazing. The chicken name was Clap and she was real famous, so she had a bakstage pass. clap walked through seurity and found the blond star, but she took out the wig and the heels and the make up. Hannah Montana was actually short, brown haired strage looking girl.

clap clap was paralized, the girl turned around and saw that chicken desovering all of her secrets.


kayaking baby por jensiemer.

So I tried to sell Little L. on Ebay, but people (don’t know why) got scared off when they heard about the rapping thing. Weird people, what can I do?

Anyways, L. was missing him, so I put Little L. on a Kayak and I think he got all the way over there… Won’t matter anyway (muahahahaa)

Cri and Dani decided they were gonna “swing” you know??? Not with each other, but the couples…

Dani had a great time with Dougster and  Cri loved Luke too. But after that they got a little embarassed every time they got near each other, and the pineapple was ALWAYS  “blushed”…


Crol ; )

Clap Clap was trying to cluc but she couldn’t… i mean, not everyone have this magic gift…not even all the chickens. But Dani wished that the chicken learned how to cluc (Dani and the pretty Luke were trying to have a romantic time in the giant ex-pink pineapple) and that’s when Luke said:

– Dani!! Clap is clucking!!

and that’s when we realized… the pineapple could realize wishes to!!


– Oh my ED (god)!!

Then Luke wished that Clap could fly and stop interrupting their new romantic picnic.

So it happened!

While all of that, Cricri was in Dougie’s house and they were’t doing pretty things so i’ll stop to tell, i mean, she was obviously happy! and the rest is disgusting.

Crol Flew to USA to find L and steal their baby to…after…sell in eBay.

and now she was trying to find L.

Kaka became a flower.

see ya!!


Cricri was walking down the streets with Dougster and his worn out jeans (taytay!) when they saw a giant pineapple.  They looked at each other, and there was no need to think twice, both ran and climbed the fruit.

When they got to the top, Dani and Luke Pasqualino were having a romantic picnic. They were kissing to the sound of ” my heart will go on“. Neither of them notice cricri and Dougster, till he started singing very, very loud. Suddenly the pineapple turned blue (it was pink before).

WHAT THE FUCK MAN! I was about to get lucky. – said Luke. Dani’s face said “ahhh… that ain’t gonna happen”

– That remembered me of what I was about to do. – Dougster laugh in a childish way, the pineapple turned  red– Fish!

A giant salmon appeared and took Cricri and Dougster to another planet (biribiribiri). By the was, Dougster is the king of fish planet, yeah?

Dani and Luke looked at the salmon “crazy people”, they laugh and the pineapple turned back to pink. So Dani whispered in Luke’s ear:

– The pineapple can tell our emotions! – the pineapple turned yellow.

Clap burgeoned (look for the word) between the lovers.

– That’s right! – And she did her little robot dance.

While that in fish planet cricri asked Dougster:

– Is mr.brownstone, form guns’nroses, about crack?

If you know please get back to me.

by: cricri and DanDan, but mostly by cricri

Ps: About acantonamento, here’s the list of song Crol and Golfinho will play:

Aliens exist – Blink 182

Cogumelos Azuis – Ventania

Monkey Ska – Derrick Harriot

Hello Fella’s, i’m back!

So… yesterday was a pretty bad day! But i really don’t wanna talk about it. so let’s get back to the story that i was writting before cricri and crol interruoted me.

Well, now we’re addocted to SKINS!!

and i do not know what to say anymore so i’ll sing!


i’m really good at this don’t you think?

oh, yeah, almost forgot, now i’m best friends with Taytay, we traveled around Europe together to celebrate my sucess in my new job (now i’m really rich and famous), but i won’t’ tell you what i did!

you’ll have to find out!


se ya later

love, Popcorn

Oh my fucking God!!! How long!! I don’t know why we write here nobody ever reads it… But Ok, I’ll try to explain everything the Right way… (my way hahahaahhaa).

First of all, yes I rapped L., sorry for the dissapointement y’all. And for the record PG, the so-called gorgeous and stuff, is so not gorgeous, but I wont ruin Dani’s life, so…

My love life remains the same you know… my wife Dani and all my husbands are OK, including Danny OF COURSE ( Jubs doesn’t usually read this, right??)

Biribiri for all of you ( oh yeah, I’m an E.T.)

Promise all enter here more often



Thanks for asking, my marriage with pato, clap, mate leão and johnny boy is doing great! But I’m having an afair with this really hot guy, really charming and god I want him! Dani and PG are doing great also (see how cool I am?) And Dani is also dating Al…gore (?) What I needed to get out of my chest is tantantantan L. gave birth to Crol’s twins and the next day he gave birth to a crocodile, but that’s got nothing to do with Crol. Oh yeah, I’m also hooking up with Luke Pasqualino and Jack O’connel… No biggie.



I didn’t want to (like everybody else) say that there is a long time thet i don’t post anything here, but actually THERE IS. So i’ll write a quick explanation about what happend in the time we were gone.

I broke up with Skandart because… when i went to Jamaica, i met the kilt guy from the 3rd year from high school that is not form the 3rd year and is from the second year (or PG), we became best friends forever and Skandart wouldn’t believe in it so he said that i had to choose, i couldn’t stay with someone who didn´t believe in me so i dumped him. he asked for forgiveness and i said it was ok, we could still be friends, and i realized that maybe he could date JM and Bribri, so i arranged a blind date for them.

PG and i got together cuz we realized that we were ment for each other( he is handsome- and cricriused to like him to but she is ok with it).

Cricri saw kilt guy and he winked at her, so she smiled and sundelly they were “kissing” (look how cool i am)

The  Bold one (pato), married clap, who is pregnant.

L. is pregnant too and is Crol’s child (she wrapped him), and that’s why he is outside brasil (in an “exchange studant program”), actually he is hidding his many months tummy.

i obviously have a lot more to write, but today i don’t have time.

expect more from me soon.


Dani (now popcorn to)

wow, long time no see!

forgot how stupidly funny it is to write in this shit. Well, what can I say ? No more weddings,really… Like L. said, I think we could use some guys, i mean boys. Well, L. was really sad, Crol think he’s a jerk, but he’s not! He’s kind of fun and he’s in love with her! I mean it. But you know who I’m in love with? Pato. I know ClaP is also in love with him, but it’s okay, cuz we’re married, so we would be just another cute three some. well. that’s it, i may write here again, but I don’t think so, yeah?

Bye peps.


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