daniel-alan-david-jonesI Forgot… I married Danny… Daniel Alan David Jones… I’m miss Jones, how cool!!!!


this is really it


Crol( Yeah he’s HOT)


Okay, L. is such a jerk… He seemed so nice and all, but now he doesn’t talk to me at ALL!!! Yeah, he pretends he doesn’t know me…C’mon he’s a jerk, I got it all wrong, but Clap.. yeah let’s talk about her.

She’s in love with”pato”!!! Let’ marry her??? Okay she’s married now, how cutie! You know that I’m scared of him???? He can be as hot as she says… But I’m still afraid.
That’s it
ps.: Real Jerk

hey, it’s been a while since the last post, not that anyone reads or cares about this, but now i have a reaaally good story, so get ready.

crol is over with all those guys, yes, true.

crol fell in love with L., and in a thursday in the middle of the school he asked her to married him, and ask me, cricket, that now had become alice, from Twilight, to make her wedding, i’m working on that…weeeelllll…it happent that one day B., a good friend of ours, Crol and me, alice or cricket, as you wish, anyway we were walking and a guy pointed B. or alice and said ” when i’m rich I’ll get married to that girl”. It happened that he did got rich, and now I’m also planning their wedding, of  course Clap wanted to be a bried to, so she asked Jonnhy Depp (don’t know how to write it) to married her, he walked out on his wife and said yes to her.

I’m going to be the briedsmaid  of all these wadding, tuff scaduall, ham ? but i can handall it, i mean, am I or am I not alice cullen, the supercraise psych vampire ?

yes, I amo.


you know you love me

and who am I? that’s a thing I still don’t know.


– hey, said all the newspapers, what do you thing abaut miley pictures? soo we answer:

– Sirously, there’s absolutly nothing wrong with thoose pictures. i mean, they’re not a big deal, but and if she is having sex and kissing girls? soo what, don’t see anything wrong abaut that! soo we think people should just leave it alone.- yeah, crol and cri agred about that. Soo they went to the future to check what was going to happent. Miley Cyrus got married with Nick Jonas, seriously, she wrote a song for him (seven things about you) probally this is not the only one… anyway they desearve each other. Kevin got married with Miranda Cosgrove, Joe with Mandez and Taylor, the roumors say she is datting Joe. Anyway, FOCUS, she got married to Chase (gg Nate). Selena got married with a little friend of ours, and they (both) end up death. Demi married another friend of ours, but i don’t thing they’re a good match! Crol was still with Scott. And guest how was cri ?

I won’t tell you, you’re suppost to guest…DUHHH



   One day JM , Kaka and Dani missed class. All at once!

   We though it was really coincidence. Cri said that they went to Disney. I (crol) said: “no way, if JM gets to go anywhere it’d Jamaica.” She said that’s right, but why would Dani go? Kaka I understan, but Dani?

   And then we figured it all out. JM an Kaka kidnaped Dani and went to Jamaica. Hearing this Clap decided she would go rescue Dani. She rented a plane and parachute all the way to Jamaica.

   When she got there she found out that JM is a junkie Santa… Is that possible??? And that Kaka was his reindeer, and Dani is a little child disappointed with santa crying.

  That’s all for today. Oh! I’m ok with Scott… and without JM!!! Thanks god.




here I am again.

Tati was soo sad, JM didn’t want anything with her, for real. He breaked up with bribri, again, but yet, nothing…actually, the boy fell in love with scott and with crol. Of course, they become the cutest trio! So Tati decided to go to the moon, what naw ?

Kaka and Lucas were back from the honey moon, they rented a apartament on the fifht street. They wanted to have babys, so they waent to see a doctor…

Clapclap and Letletboladona won an oscar and decided to go to the caribean sea on vacations, they met a giant octuplus ant he show them how to breath under water.

Bribri decided he had a “thing” for foots. Soo he went to scrubs and became a really good friend of an other guy that also had a “thing” for foots.

Dani and Skandar decided to go to Narnia, but they didn’t knew how, so they asked for cricri’s help and she said she was going to talk with Aslam, her father in law and reaaaally good friend.


by cricri

Everyone were soo happy for crol. even cricri and clapclap, they were felling really bad and decided to apologize. soo they did ! but they didn’t quit theyr carrers, cricri became a really famous actress and she  was making many movies, soo she decided she should have her gays. guess who were the two lucky ones? JM and bribri. letletboladona and clapclap were making a musical in brodaway.

Dani wasn’t okay like everyone else she was yill, but she invented a cure to her dissese, the cure for cancer. she won a nobel prize and got really famouse, Dani and Skandar moved to New Zealand and lived quietlly there.

Crol decided to start a band, but who could be in that band, she decided to try letlet, but she was already in brodaway. she met a ballet dancer Giovanna and giovanna was going to dance in carols shows, but who else to call?

did i talked abaut everyone, I guess soo.

kisses and hugs from your favorite DIVA,

cricri ; )

Scott waited for th photographer go away. Imeadiately he ran to cacth Crol. He said that he was trying to protect her, that she doesn’t know what a torture is be followed by reporters, that she was going to loose her privacy. He really mean it.

She forgave him, but she said that she doesn’t care about loosing her privacy, that she just want to be allowed to be with him no matters what, and he said OK. Next day he went to a reporter and told him that he was married with Crol. Next day all the covers of all the magazines was about it. She was oficcialy him! She even got a proposal to model, but she doesn’t like modeling.

The power got over cri’s and clap’s head, they started to fight with their own friends. So they quit and went back to rio.

OMG, Bri-bri and JM made up! They got together again, they realized that no girl coul replace each other!!!



The show was about to beging and everyone was getting readdy. Cri and clap had theyr own rooms, but everyone else share a black old backstage. While crol, tati, kaka and dani were screeming,  bribri  and J.M. were tring to get girls phone numbers, not an easy job, for them. just kidding, or not.

Suddenly, Skandar keynes and cappie get in with flowers for Crol and Dani, oh boy, they pastout. soo cute ! they said that they were going to met them at the party. Everything was going amazing. Letletboladona was going to see the show, but she coulden’t stay for the party, you know, rehab!

The show was amazing, shit in the hole stairs. When the show was over everyone got toghever in the old black and dark backstages.

 Skandar was with a really cute friend called william moseley. cricri and will started making out, soo did dani and skandar. Tati and J.M. started doing it to. Lucas and Kaka, yes, they were still trees, did it to. 

Suddenly a reporter came and started taking pictures, anyone cared, almost anyone. Fabricio was making strange faces and pretending he was Mariah Carey. Anyway, Crol got close to scott soo the reporter could take a picture of them toghever, but scott pretended he didn’t knew her.

Crol was really upset, soo she left the “party”. Scott pretend she was just a crazy womem and started to sing “touch my body” with bribri. Tati and J.M. started to “touch the bodies” and clapclap was dancing the hole time, cause a killer was next to her and he said that if she stoped she would die.

by cricri 

so, evrybody was in the streets of ny. suddenly, crol said: where’s clap and cri? and then, she saw clap (the nurse chicken) with purple stars glasses and cri, with a red scarf. they were with a lot of photographs in their back. calm down, i will explaine: in that momment, they were famous broadway’s stars. clap was in the role of betty (in the play/musical ”nurse betty”) and cri was in the role of fible (in the play/musical “barry and fible”). so, clap and cri said, together:

– hey guys, you want to be the people that dance with us in our next play, ”the shit in the stairs”?

– yes! 😀 – said all of them.

it will continue! by clap.


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