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okay, okay, crol, bribri and tati had to take cricri to the hospital, soo they did it. Cricri was in the bad and evryone in the hospital was cryng cause they didn’t like to see she hurt. While bribri was waiting in the door he saw a chicken, at first he was like, OH MY GOD, a chiken in a hospital ? But then he opened his eyes and saw that she was cricri nurse. The chicken saw that bribri was really sad and said:

– Dear, what’s you name ?

– Fabricio, but evryone calls me bribri. You ?

– Clap, clap. Are you okidoki ?

– No, I’m in love.

– Soo what ?

– He don’t like me ?

– How can he ?

– You don’t even know me !

– I know you better then you know your self. And I can help you.

– Really, NO WAY !

– But first I need to take care of the most beautifull girl in the world.

– Okay.

While bribri was making new friends, crol stick with the old ones.

– Tati, I love you.

– I know Crol. And I love bribris money – crol made a sad face – And…you too, a bit.

– I can’t belive cricri is okay !

– Maybe if we can take a few pictures of her and sell them to a magazine, we could get some money !

– Sure, lets gooooo !

Soo they wen’t to cricris room, were they found bribri and clapclap.

by cricri


August 2017
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