Cricri was walking down the streets with Dougster and his worn out jeans (taytay!) when they saw a giant pineapple.  They looked at each other, and there was no need to think twice, both ran and climbed the fruit.

When they got to the top, Dani and Luke Pasqualino were having a romantic picnic. They were kissing to the sound of ” my heart will go on“. Neither of them notice cricri and Dougster, till he started singing very, very loud. Suddenly the pineapple turned blue (it was pink before).

WHAT THE FUCK MAN! I was about to get lucky. – said Luke. Dani’s face said “ahhh… that ain’t gonna happen”

– That remembered me of what I was about to do. – Dougster laugh in a childish way, the pineapple turned  red– Fish!

A giant salmon appeared and took Cricri and Dougster to another planet (biribiribiri). By the was, Dougster is the king of fish planet, yeah?

Dani and Luke looked at the salmon “crazy people”, they laugh and the pineapple turned back to pink. So Dani whispered in Luke’s ear:

– The pineapple can tell our emotions! – the pineapple turned yellow.

Clap burgeoned (look for the word) between the lovers.

– That’s right! – And she did her little robot dance.

While that in fish planet cricri asked Dougster:

– Is mr.brownstone, form guns’nroses, about crack?

If you know please get back to me.

by: cricri and DanDan, but mostly by cricri

Ps: About acantonamento, here’s the list of song Crol and Golfinho will play:

Aliens exist – Blink 182

Cogumelos Azuis – Ventania

Monkey Ska – Derrick Harriot